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Luxury experience

at George V Hotel

Our craftsmen

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Corso Mille’s spirit

The finest materials, a perfect blend of shape and design, meticulous attention to detail…these are the defining features of a timeless Italian tradition, embodied in Corso Mille’s collection of accessories for men.

The result of expertise passed down through several generations of Italian craftsmen, Corso Mille accessories are intended for discerning gentlemen who wish to affirm their identity with exclusive objects of the highest quality. The accessories are born of the genuine craftsmanship that underpins the Italian tradition for luxury. Italian craftsmanship is an art which finds expression in objects of the highest calibre. Examples are the Corso Mille handcrafted seven fold ties, made from luxury hand-printed silk twill or grenadine silk; belts made from the finest leather with handcrafted details, hand-linked socks, expertly knitted from the finest merino, cotton or cashmere and exclusive handmade cufflinks in red Mediterranean coral and cameo shells.

Naturally, the Corso Mille luxury range is exclusively made in Italy in limited editions, with the sole aim of enhancing the wearer’s dignified presence.

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