Saturday 15 July 2017


Luxury is a way of life as it aims to bring to people exquisite refinement and let them feeling the privilege of extraordinary experiences linked to a product or service.

Inspired by today’s world, Corso Mille aims to bring an additional dimension to the concept of luxury that reflects the evolution of our society.

To understand this new dimension, we probably need to make a step back into the past and to acknowledge how the definition of luxury has evolved across centuries. The 17th century was the apogee of luxury. The King’s XIV court incarnated the wealth which inspired the entire Europe. At that time, people used to distinguish each other socially also by what they wear. If their clothes were sophisticated that meant they were part of a superior cast. Aristocrats used to wear suits handmade in finest materials, often enriched by precious stones. Luxury was a state of mind reflected in the way these elected people used to live including furniture’s and other everyday use objects.

Luxury has evolved since then and, nowadays, it is not only a matter of aristocracy anymore. The exclusivity, however, remain a distinguished element of the luxury items and the exclusivity message is conveyed through stunning flagship stores in high end districts of modern metropolis.

But the luxury concept is still much more that, it is about the product itself, its quality, history and handmade content. Therefore, the craftsmanship journey, the methods, expertise and places where it is made are all significant elements.

Corso Mille values them a lot and takes the challenge to bring a new dimension that allows the discovery of this craftsmanship and product universe. We use digital solutions as a new form of art and not as claim for innovation. This to provide to passionate people the right level of intimacy on product aesthetic and craftsmanship experience. It is an exciting challenge to us and we like the idea that this is the paradigm for a new luxury era!

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