Friday 25 January 2019

There is no reason to give very little importance to your socks. This accessory, in appearance a small and discreet detail, can yet make the difference in men’s outfit. It subtly reveals your personality and your level of refinement. Find out how to choose and wear your socks with Corso Mille, the specialist in Italian men’s elegance.

Rule #1: No visible calves!

Basic rule: no apparent calves between trousers and socks! That’s why you have to choose knee-socks, that is to say, long socks that reach below the knee. This length avoids having your calves exposed when you sit cross-legged, and you also save the effort to put on your socks that slip and fall on the ankle several times a day. Moreover, the knee-high is an essential part of the wardrobe of Italians, famous enough for elegance and refined look.

Rule #2: socks should never be lighter than trousers or shoes!

Wearing socks in the same colors as the suit or shoes, is a safe bet. Black, gray and navy remain sober colors, perfect for a chic and harmonious appearance. And, to avoid any lack of taste, we absolutely proscribe white or flashy socks as well as those with fancy patterns.

Rule #3: favor natural materials!

Lisle socks are the most recommended, because they are resistant, lightweight and comfortable. The choice of natural materials guarantees better breathability and relief of the feet. Lisle socks are suitable for all seasons and weather conditions. In winter, you can opt for warmer and even softer fibers like those in cashmere or merino wool.

Rule #4: choose the right size of socks!

A pair of high-end socks is available at its precise size. It should be neither too tight nor too wide to offer comfort and elegance.

At Corso Mille you will find a magnificent collection of luxury Italian socks, handcrafted in Lombardy, in northern Italy. Knitted from noble and natural fibers, they are guarantee of quality and elegance. Toes are hand-linked for a comfortable and unrestricted feel, achieved with very fine stitching. You can choose among a variety of fabrics like cotton lisle, cashmere or merino wool and order them in just a few clicks on Corso Mille online shop.

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