Friday 25 January 2019

The cufflinks are that subtle detail that adorns the wrists of the most elegant men. Nothing too scintillating, but just enough to give the outfit a touch of originality and classicism. Men’s ultimate jewel, the cufflinks give you access to the world of luxury, an extremely codified universe. The point with Corso Mille to know how to wear them in all elegance. What shirt with your luxury cufflinks? The cufflinks are made to be worn with the musketeer shirt. Unlike buttoned cuffs, these musketeer cuffs form a stiff lapel to give you a more formal style. When it comes to color matching, focus on elegance and refinement, and avoid overly bright patterns. For example, you can combine your luxury cufflinks with a white shirt or plain sky blue or with thin vertical stripes. What suit jacket goes with your luxury cufflinks? The luxury cufflinks are discreet and delicate but are no less remarkable. They sublimate the outfit and bring a note of elegance to the look of the wearer. And, to have a chic and modern style, these small accessories must be associated with a sober suit jacket of deep or neutral color. The sleeves of the jacket should have the right length, just enough to reveal the cufflinks. As for the color, consider matching the cufflinks pattern with the jacket or its buttons.

What about other accessories?

An elegant appearance requires care and detail. Thus, all your accessories, from the tie to the socks, must be chosen with great attention. If, for example, you wear a pair of silver cufflinks, avoid pairing them with a watch or a gold belt buckle. Regarding the tie, prefer a simple model of solid color or with discrete patterns. For example, a well-coordinated 7-folds silk tie with the colors of your machete buttons, is a safe bet. This set of luxury accessories gives the outfit a touch of undeniable refinement.

Corso Mille cufflinks

Corso Mille cufflinks are true collector’s items. They are handmade in Naples by expert artisans according to the Italian jewelry tradition for to which they have added a modern and discreet touch. Handcrafted from silver and noble stones such as tourmaline, garnet, lapis lazuli and Mediterranean coral, these small masculine jewels offer the outfit a sleek, chic and refined style.

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