Friday 25 January 2019

Famous for its fine and light texture, the grenadine silk tie is handcrafted adopting a very rare weave. In order to achieve such precious ties, its sensitive production requires time, preciseness and especially an exceptional proficiency. With its delicate little knots, the grenadine tie is easily recognizable by the admirers of the masculine clothing. It is a particular tie that seduces by its subtle elegance and its exemplary appearance. Focus on the tie in silk grenadine, with Corso Mille, the specialist of luxury accessories for gentlemen.

A brief introduction to the irreplaceable tissue “Silk Grenadine”

A result of an extremely meticulous weave of silk fibers, this outstanding material provides a light and notable texture. The precision of the weave provides the tie with both flexibility and smoothness facilitating for our clients the knotting process. Silk grenadine is not a knitted fabric, but a crossing of silk threads, called complex armor or checkered armor. Used mainly in the manufacture of luxury ties, this material has been sublimating the men’s collar for generations.

The Art of choosing a grenadine tie

An allegory of the Italian style, grenadine tie is the perfect unification between modernity and discretion. No matter the shape it is in; figured or regular, this accessory remains abstinent and can be easily associated with different colors and materials. Grenadine tie with its elegant appearance and light texture provides a luxurious touch to its wearers appearance and can be worn everywhere at any occasion for both formal and casual clothing styles.

The grenadine tie of Corso Mille

Issued from an exceptional mastery, the Corso Mille’s grenadine ties are designed for the lovers of the pure Italian style. Always authentic and elegant, they are handcrafted from the most precious silk fibers. These Luxurious ties are singular, thanks to their traditional method of fabrication by which the neat details and perfect finishes are given a tremendous importance. They embody the Italian chic in all its authenticity to make your outfit look sublime. They are available in unique pieces or in very few series, the Grenadine Ties of Corso Mille collection is the result of an entirely handcrafted Italian production. It comes in three types: 3-fold ties, 5-fold ties and 7-fold ties, hand rolled with a great passion for masculine luxury.

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