Thursday 08 June 2017

Among all fascinating colors and motifs that make the Corso Mille ties collection, we wanted to focus and share our view with our readers on the simpliest but among the most elegant patterns: the Polka dot tie.

Why is the Polka dot tie an essential accessory of your wardrobe?

The Polka dot print tie is simply a “timeless” piece of a gentleman wardrobe. First of all, it is easy to match when choosing a formal attire. It is perfect when wearing a white shirt and a blue suit as the simple shape and regular graphic of its dots bring aesthetics and personality to a very classic look. In some cases, for sophisticated  dandies, it is possible to combine it with a pinstriped shirt blue or white, but…be careful, as this latter option requires a “provedn track record in terms of mastering colors and shapes.

What size for the dots of a dot tie?

There are various pattern sizes. Usually the smaller the pattern, the more formal and elegant the tie will appear. Perfect for a more elegant touch are so-called pin-dot pattern ties – a pattern that is so miniscule in size that it almost looks like a solid color necktie from the distance. Larger polka dots options add a new contrast and a more pronounced visual effect, but please be careful of not overdoing it. Be also focused on choosing the right colors for your dot tie: front classic blue to more modern brown colors. 

Which polka dot tie have we chosen for you today ?

Our “coup de coeur” for today is the brown silk twill with micro-pattern blue polka dot tie. You can wear it with a navy blue suit and a white shirt for a guaranteed perfect outfit.

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