Saturday 17 June 2017


Socks are essentials of a gentleman wardrobe and becoming a real asset in menswear differing for yarns, fabrics and design.

The origin of Corso Mille luxury men’s socks

The Corso Mille collection of finest men’s socks is made in Lombardy a northern region of Italy by a family owned company. These artisans master the art of socks knitting since decades and pass their unique expertise from one generation to another. The attention brought to the manufacturing process is a guarantee for delivering products of quality, confort and style.

The selection of finest yarns

The Corso Mille socks are made of three different qualities of yarns, such as the cotton lisle yarn, cashmere and merino wool. But how to choose the material that suits you best ? First of all, the choice is made based on the season. In spring and summer, we advise to wear a pair of lisle socks. This fabric is a cotton yarn which has undergone a mercerizing process. It is therefore more robust, brilliant and soft. During colder season, you can opt for cashmere or merino wool. Both are well appreciated for their thermal insulation capacity as well as for the softness of their fabrics. Both keep you very warm, and, among the two, cashmere has the reputation to be one of the most noble fibers.


Style and color

About the style and color to adopt when choosing your socks, we recommend to always create continuity among trousers, socks and shoes. Corso Mille socks collection offers you knee-high models in three elegant colors: navy , black and grey. These dark colors are a guarantee of timelessness style and of easy matching with the rest of your outfit

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