Saturday 17 June 2017


The sock is an essential of gentlemen closets and we wear them each day to put on our finest shoes. This accessory is becoming an indispensable asset in fashion menswear for his quality and design.


The sock collection from Corso Mille is made in Lombardy in northern Italy. They are knitted by a hosiery artisan family. These experts in the art of knitting and mending the tip hand have established a unique expertise passed on over three generations. The attention bring to the manufacture of our collections bring comfort and style to the last – whatever the material.


We use three different qualities for this collection, such as the Scottish yarn, cashmere and merino wool. But how to choose the material that suits you best ? First of all we advise you to be attentive to your needs and the season. In spring and summer we advise you to wear a pair of socks in Scotland wire. This fabric is a cotton yarn which has undergone a noble quality mercerized . It is therefore more robust and its specificity is its absorbency. During the warmer seasons and depending on your sensitivity you can opt for a quality cashmere or merino wool. Both are known for their thermal insulation capacity, however cashmere due to its fiber is the insulation of the two materials . Now that you know how to choose the right material, find our style advice to put on your new socks with elegance.



About the style to adopt we advise you to always create continuity between pants, socks and shoes . This will allow you to not let your calves visible . Our collection offers you long socks arriving slightly below the knee . Our models are available in three colors , navy , black and grey. The dark colors are a guarantee of timelessness unlike the colors of socks that are difficult to coordinate with any outfit. So if you are not comfortable in color , choose our assortment. You will be able to adapt the right color to your casual suit without any mistake.

Tips : Remember to choose the most comfortable material for the season and to cover your calves for a stylishly Italian style.

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