Tuesday 26 September 2017

Celebrated for its fine and light texture, the grenadine silk tie is made of a fabric with a very specific weaving. To obtain such an essential piece of elegance, expert craftsmen use their skills and know-how in each step of the making process. With its delicate little knots, the grenadine tie is easily recognizable by the connoisseur’s of the masculine elegance and it seduces by its incredibly elegance and understated look. Each gentleman should have in his wardrobe a grenadine silk tie and Corso Mille, our brand of luxury accessories for gentlemen, offers an attractive collection of this timeless model.

A brief introduction to the exquisite fabric of “Grenadine silk”

Resulting from meticulous weaving of silk yarns, this fine material is characterized by light and open gauze weave. The precision of the weave brings to the fabric both flexibility and smoothness facilitating the knotting process. Grenadine silk is not a knitted fabric, but a crossing of silk threads, called complex armor or checkered armor. Used mainly in the manufacture of luxury ties, this fabric has been sublimating the men’s style for generations.

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The art of choosing a grenadine tie

Quintessence of the Italian style, the grenadine tie represents the perfect balance between modernity and formal elegance and remains an essential of men’s elegance. This tie is very versatile as it can be wear with suit of different colors, from very formal dark blue or grey to more colorful beige or light blue shades. A grenadine tie with its elegant appearance and light texture provides a touch of style to its wearers appearance and can be worn everywhere at any occasion for both formal and casual clothing styles.

The grenadine tie of Corso Mille

Issued from exceptional tie making expertise, with details like hand-rolled blades and very light interlining, the Corso Mille’s grenadine ties are made to sublimate the lovers of the pure Italian style. Genuine and elegant, they are handcrafted by using the most precious grenadine silk yarns from Como in Italy, a smaller town in northern Italy situated on an idyllic lake. The Grenadine ties of Corso Mille embody the Italian “chic” in all its authenticity and are available as 3-fold ties, 5-fold ties and 7-fold ties.


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