A far cry from mass production, Corso Mille luxury accessories for gentlemen stand out from the crowd because they are made from the finest materials and are the epitome of Italian elegance thanks to the use of traditional manufacturing methods, including handcrafting, and a multitude of small details. This makes Corso Mille articles real objects of luxury and distinct in style.

Luxury accessories - ties

Luxury accessories 1 The Ties

Crafted from high quality silk (jacquard or twill printed with traditional methods), Corso Mille ties are hand cut, sewn and rolled strictly using the traditional Neapolitan crafting methods for ties, including the distinguished 7-fold tie. The silk is wonderful to touch and the understated elegance of the ties makes them fit for any sophisticated and demanding clientele.

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[:en]boutons de manchette de luxe, boutons de manchette argent, boutons manchette lapis[:]

Luxury accessories 2 The Cufflinks

Made of a deliberately understated but distinguished design, the Corso Mille cufflinks combine precious metal and rare Mediterranean red coral and cameo. All the pairs are expertly handcrafted in Naples following the Italian tradition for fine jewelry.

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Luxury accessories 3 The Belts

Equipped with a palladium buckle, Corso Mille belts are crafted and hand-finished using the highest quality leather. Available in black or brown, smooth or grained leather, they will match your shoes perfectly, for anything from a classic, formal look to a more casual style.

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Luxury accessories 4 The Socks

For sophisticated knee-high socks, Corso Mille uses the most exclusive cashmere, merino wool and lisle. These socks are hand-linked in the purest Italian tradition of our master craftsmen for a comfortable and unrestricted feel. Corso Mille socks are exclusively made in Italy.

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