7 Fold ties

7-fold ties

A true work of art and the epitome of luxury, the 7-fold tie is created by carefully folding the silk in on itself 7 times. These continuous folds and pleats, created from large amounts of carefully selected silk, give the tie volume and lightness while still ensuring the correct bulk in the knot, despite the absence of interlining. Corso Mille 7-fold ties do not have a tip and have been finely finished with hand-rolled hems at both blade ends. The technique used by Corso Mille craftsmen to craft this 7-fold tie model is the same one that has been handed down the generations and requires several hours of dedicated work. In addition, for the amateur tie wearer Corso Mille offers the 5-fold tie, a traditional tie lined with a woolen fabric to add volume to the tie. This model has just the right amount of bulk in the knot, is perfect in terms of its shape, and has slightly more weight than the 7-fold model, all of which will create that accomplished, finished look and timeless style.