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Corso Mille - Cravate grenadine cielCorso Mille - Cravate grenadine ciel
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Corso Mille - Cravate grenadine ciel
Corso Mille - Cravate grenadine ciel


5-fold sky grenadine silk tie

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This sky coloured grenadine silk tie is a sophisticated symbiosis of the classical and contemporary styles. It is a 5-fold tie handcrafted from the finest silk grenadines, with no tip, and finely embellished with hand-rolled hems at both blade ends. The middle section of the tie is lined with a lightweight lining to provide just the right amount of bulk in the knot. It goes perfectly with a dark gray or navy blue suit, adding an elegant, modern and distinguished touch to any formal outfit.

100% grenadine silk. Made by hand in Italy.

Dimensions: 8.5 x 150 cm

Marechiaro is a small port located in the district of Posillipo in Naples. A place symbolising the 1960s lifestyle as depicted in the film La Dolce Vita, it became famous for the constant presence of Hollywood stars. The Marechiaro tie includes all the key elements of Italian elegance as fashioned in the days of “La Dolce Vita”: nonchalance and timelessness.