about us

The finest materials, a perfect blend of shape and design, meticulous attention to detail…these are the defining features of a timeless Italian tradition, embodied in Corso Mille’s collection of accessories for men.

The result of expertise passed down through several generations of Italian craftsmen, Corso Mille accessories are intended for discerning gentlemen who wish to affirm their identity with exclusive objects of the highest quality. The accessories are born of the genuine craftsmanship that underpins the Italian tradition for luxury. Italian craftsmanship is an art which finds expression in objects of the highest calibre. Examples are the Corso Mille handcrafted seven fold ties, made from luxury hand-printed silk twill or grenadine silk; belts made from the finest leather with handcrafted details, hand-made cufflinks, expertly crafted from the finest Mediterranean coral and stones like lapis lazuli and garnets.

Naturally, the Corso Mille luxury range is exclusively made in Italy in limited editions, with the sole aim of enhancing the wearer’s dignified presence.


Corso Mille represents quintessential Italian elegance with just a touch of originality.

Created by two connoisseurs of Italian style and craftsmanship, the Corso Mille brand pays homage to the Italian tradition of the ultimate elegance for men.

This translates into Corso Mille’s core values: embracing genuine Italian style and following traditional handmade techniques to craft luxury items – these are, after all, the most precious gifts we inherit from Italy’s longstanding leadership of haute couture. These values are embodied in Corso Mille’s collection of the finest accessories – distinctive in design, blending style, personality and attention to detail.

Corso Mille and its exclusive collection of accessories are, therefore, ambassadors of the quintessential Italian elegance. With the finest detailing, they aim to enrich the lives of distinguished gentlemen who remain quite untouched by fleeting fashion trends.

But where does the name ‘Corso Mille’ come from? Tradition has it that on the ‘corso’, the shopping street in an Italian town, an elegant, discerning gentleman could find clothing and accessories that would set him apart from the crowd. And there were ‘mille’, or one thousand, shadowy soldiers with Giuseppe Garibaldi in 1860, when he landed in Sicily with the aim of unifying the Italian mainland states. A thousand bold, determined soldiers facing a task deemed impossible – yet achieved a year later.

Corso Mille knows that its customers are of the same ilk: bold, uncompromising and confident in their choice